Introduction to IAX0583

Course Description

Welcome to IAX0583 course. This course is given by Information Technology department of Tallinn University of Technology.

The course is mandatory for EAAB, EARB, IACB, MVEB groups. However, if you aren’t part of these groups and still want to participate, feel free to declare it via OIS.

The course teaches basic level of two programming languages, C and Python. Homework, lab work and exercises may be submitted in any of these languages. Please keep in mind, that as for today, Programming II (IAX0584) is thought only in C. Therefore, if one decides to work only in Python and plans to take Programming II later on, should most probably follow up C slides as well.

Following topics will be discussed during the course :

We expect students to participate actively during the lecture, do their homework and lab work and present them on time. Creativity and humor in source code or algorithm may be rewarded with extra points.


Evaluation Criteria

During the semester, there are 2 tests and 2 home works and smaller lab works. Grade will consist of the following:

  • Homework I – 15p + (2p)
  • Homework II – 15p + (2p)
  • Test I – 15p
  • Test II – 20p
  • Labwork and attendance – 35p
  • Bonus from lecture – 10p

This makes the absolute highest score: 114p

Grades will be as follows:

Points Grade
>= 90 5
>= 80 4
>= 70 3
>= 60 2
>= 50 1
< 50 0

Your work must be presented on time.

For Homework I and II:

  • Every delayed week – 1p (capped with a maximum of 10p)
  • Homework 1 week before deadline + 1p
  • Homework 2 weeks before deadline + 2p

Home works may be corrected after initial submission, based on the teacher feedback. Corrected (second submission) work may get a maximum of 15p.


  • There will be no evaluation if submitted after deadline

Presenting work not done by you will give you 0p. Repeatedly doing that will result in formal action described in the following links [ EST ] [ ENG ]

All home works and lab works must be uploaded to gitlab (

Uploaded work must follow directory structure, failing to do so will not get you points (e.g. if we won’t find lab1 work in lab1/ directory, you get 0p for that lab work)

Important Dates


First Test will be on 7th week, second one –  on 13th week. Both tests will be held during lecture. Last lecture is on 15th week.

All lab and homework points will be locked by the end of 16th week (Sunday 23:59).




We don’t like emails, so we prefer to communicate via Slack. You can find our usernames here. If you don’t know what is it, feel free to read it here.

To join slack team for this course, press this link and finish registration.

You can ask questions via Slack whenever you want.

Keep in mind, that important links, resources, results and other important stuff will be shared via slack, so we strongly advice you to join.