Lab 2 Fall 2018

slides Here

Today we will do our first code, along with UML representations for (most? all?)

The above are an in depth coverage of the concepts we mentioned in the lecture slides.  these are not required reading, and will be discussed and linked again later in class.  But if you want to read ahead, sink your teeth into the details, please make use of them.

Your home tasks for this week are:

We have 10 num.: 15   6 7   98 -8  65 777 -87   213 5

  • How would we find the largest(maximum) number?
  • How would we find the smallest(minimum) number?
  • How would we find the average of these numbers?

Do any 2 of these for (1pt)

You are given multiple 8 digit numbers (DDMMYYYY).

determine which of them is valid date according to the Gregorian calendar.


Bonus: (1pt)

Write a program which:

  • Takes an input number, and prints out  its binary representation