Lab 5 Fall 2018

slides here

remember, if you’re using the math.h library, to include the -lm flag in your build commands

task 1:

take the UML diagram (in the slides) and write the bubble-sort algorithm that it describes

task 2:

given a matrix of vectors, find the angle between each pair of vectors.

make a UML diagram of your program

task 3:

take a set of emails (given in slack) and identify how many gmail accounts there are among them

then print out the emails, without their server tags (, etc)

task 4:

take a set of names, and sort them alphabetically

name-ends (comparison of Bob, and Bobby, at the 4th character) should be treated as coming before a

non-letter characters can be skipped or handled as you choose

sorting should be non-sensitive to capitalization and should be sensitive out to the first 4 characters