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Haven’t we all heard the excuse “Well.. it worked in my machine”. No more excuses like that, well at least not in courses iax0583 and iax0584. The main problems this appliance is trying to solve are:

  • Students have different OS’es (Mac OS, Windows, Linux)
  • Students might not know which software to pick

To address and solve these problems [ iax058x ] Virtual Appliance is created.


Update v1.2

  • Hard disk size increased to 40 GB
  • added terminal alias for python to python v3.
  • added terminal alias for pip to pip3.
  • Added FF exception for git ssl.


Software bundle

This virtual appliance is offering a bundle of software which includes:

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Git
  • G++
  • GCC (GNU C Compiler)
  • Make
  • Valgrind (debugging memory leaks)
  • gdb (GNU Debugger)
  • ddd (debugger with GUI)
  • Python3
  • Pip (Python package manager)
  • vim (text editor)

If there is a need to install additional software (e.g. GUI tool for Git) one can locate the package and type : sudo apt install [packagename] .

If user finds .deb file from the internet and wishes to install it the most reasonable thing to do is to use command gdebi to ensure that all the dependencies will be installed as well. e.g. sudo gdebi package.deb


Installing this virtual appliance is quite simple. All one has to do is follow along with [ this slideshow ] – it is a tutorial with images along every step of the process. The appliance ova file can be found [ here ] . [ Virtualbox ] must be downloaded and installed before the installation of this Virtual Appliance.

NB! password to log in is 123456

Recommended resources to allocate for Virtual Appliance:

  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 CPU cores

After installation it is reasonable to change the display name and password to avoid usage from third parties. In addition to that it is reasonable to set up git [ see this post ].

Useful tips:

  • Toggle full screen right CTRL(Host) + F
  • Allow bidirectional clipboard usage (Devices -> Shared Clipboard -> Bidirectional)


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